Palm Sunday/ What I Wore Sunday


It's Palm Sunday! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? We went to Mass at Sacred Heart Chapel that is located on Mobile Bay. I love this beautiful little chapel. I grew up going to Mass there every summer when we went to go visit my grandparents. My sister got engaged there, my cousin Emmie was married there, and Joshua was baptized there.

We were blessed to go there for Mass this morning because Dan was leading music for the Catholic high school's campus ministry retreat. We have been involved with these retreats for the past 6 years and usually the spring retreat falls on Palm Sunday weekend. I love it.  It is such a beautiful sight to witness all of the teens processing with their palms in to the church. For me, it was such an amazing example of God's beauty in creation and Hope for our future.

As they were processing in, the children were asked to ring the bell, they had so much fun!

Fr. Dan even used Joshua in his homily. And Joshua did fine as long as Fr. kept feeding him cheerios. 

Now on a little different note, I decided to join the ladies at Fine Linen and Purple (for the first time) for their:

Since my last post was about our little fashionista, I thought it would be a good time to join this link-up fun. Speaking of our little fashionista, here is what she wore today:

I had a couple of outfits lined up for her, which she of course, chose not to wear...

Princess nightgown: birthday gift from a friend
leggings: old navy
faux fur wrap: my old dress up box
purple hat: dollar store, I think?

And then there is me:

White shirt: Target
Skirt: Dirt Cheap ($9- so excited for that find, thanks Sheena!)
Flats (below): DSW

So, there you have it.  Simple and sweet. Now click on over to Fine Linen and Purple for more...especially you awesome college and high school girls who I know are reading this post! ;)

Whew, I am sure you are asking if this post is over yet, and yes, it is....Happy Palm Sunday!


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