Fashion Week


Introducing Emma Rose Johnson
 Our personal Expert on all things Fashion:

She loves to wear boots. She would wear them all of the time, every day if she could. This week she was also determined to wear Dan's badge that he had from a retreat the previous weekend.  Leggings are another staple of hers.

Emma loves to wear skirts, just like her mama. But of course she wanted to wear a pajama top with this maxi skirt, instead of the top I bought to go with it...

Yes, she wore the sunglasses to school. And the retreat badge is back in action.

She probably would wear her tutu on a "normal" day, if I let her...but Thursday was circus day and she was soooo excited.

Such a happy child...she was determined to wear her Daddy's sweatshirt, but mean mommy didn't allow it.
She seemed to get over it eventually:

I do love how she decided to wear a dress and then tucked it in to a skirt. Very creative. 

So there you have it, Emma's fashion week. Stay tuned, I am hoping to join the "What I Wore Sunday" ladies tomorrow, Emma might make a guest appearance too. 

Happy Saturday!


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