Circus Day

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There is really no point to sharing this picture above, but it kind of went with my circus theme...if there were pirates at a circus...
Today Emma had circus day at school. She was so excited and I think she had a ton of fun, considering she is now zoned out on the couch watching a cartoon. Speaking of a ton of fun, Joshua decided to have a party last night from 12-2 a.m. He was talking and playing and happy as a clam, whatever that means. I was the only one to join him at this said party and it was a blast. Love watching 13 going on 30 in the wee hours of the morning...
While Emma was at her circus day, we had our own version of a circus as well. We had an invite to join some friends at the park at 10. I was showered and ready and had the boys ready at 10- to go to a park that was 5 minutes away and we didn't show up until 10:30.
"But, Why?" as Kolbe likes to ask these days...
Well, I walked outside at 10 and realized that it was too cold to wear a skirt, so inside we went so I could change.
"But why?"
And then while loading kids in the car, I realized Kolbe had a stinky pull-up.
"But why?"
Now fresh and clean and then where are Kolbe's shoes? After a 5 minute hunt it was finally time to go...
"But why?"
And then of course when we arrive I realize that Joshua had to join the stinky diaper fun.
"But why?"
I just don't know. But in the end, the park was fun.
Time for a nap...or more coffee.
But why. ;)

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